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What is RTI (Return to Invoice) GAP Insurance?

RTI Gap Insurance is a vehicle protection insurance plan that fills the financial deficit often left when insurance company settlements are lower than expected upon a total loss insurance claim. GAP insurance is not a replacement for existing motor insurance policy, but a valuable supplement that protects you against serious financial loss if your car is written off.

Even if you have fully comprehensive motor insurance, your motor insurer will almost certainly only offer you the current market trade value for your vehicle at the time of a claim, leaving you with a shortfall of potentially several thousand pounds. In other words, the insurance pay-out is nowhere near enough to replace your vehicle with the same and in some cases, settlements are not even enough to pay off your existing finance agreement.

Return to Invoice GAP Insurance does exactly that, it pays you out to the original Invoice selling price of your vehicle by effectively "topping up" your main car insurance payout with the amount required to return you back to the total sales price as detailed on your original invoice provided by the supplying dealer.

How does RTI GAP Insurance work?

In the event of your vehicle being written off, RTI GAP Insurance will pay the difference between your Motor Insurance Payout and the amount that you originally paid for your vehicle.

RTI GAP Insurance is available for new or used vehicles with a value of up to £80,000 and must be taken out no later than 90 days after you took delivery of the vehicle.


Let’s say you purchase a vehicle for £29,995.00

Two years later, the vehicle is written off and your motor insurance company offer you only £20,000.00 as a settlement.

If this happened, RTI GAP Insurance would pay the £9,995 difference between your Motor Insurance payout (£20,000) and the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle (£29,995).

If you have purchased the vehicle by way of a Finance Agreement, in most cases (not all) receiving the full original invoice price back will allow you to clear the remaining balance of your finance agreement and have money left over to put towards a new vehicle.

For more information, or if you would like a quote on this policy and others please click on the link below, you can also view all the policy terms and conditions.


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